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Charles Robottom D.C

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Charles graduated from the Anglo European College of Chiropractic in Bournemouth in 1990. He worked in London and the Home Counties for 9 years before returning home to Jersey in 1999, to set up Orchard Chiropractic Centre.

He uses a number of Chiropractic techniques, but primarily the Sacro Occiputal Technique that looks at the whole person and uses gentle manipulation, cranial techniques and rehabilitative exercise and dietary/lifestyles advice to return a patient to optimal health.

Charles treats babies that are just a few days old through to patients in their nineties. He also treats Mum’s to be, children, desk based and sports professionals - what matters the most to him is that every patient receives the care and treatment they uniquely need to return to optimal heath.

Charles is married with a young family.

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