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Sarah Corcoran

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Sarah has been working as a Remedial and Sports Massage Therapist since 2004. She trained as a massage therapist at Highlands College and then completed a course in Sports Massage Therapy and Bio Mechanics. Before joining us Sarah worked at the Jersey Chiropractic Centre for 7 years.

She regularly sees people who have tension in their back, neck and shoulders which causes pain and discomfort and often headaches. Masssage can help break down the tension and relieve the pain and headaches - great treatment for people sitting at desks all day and people suffering from repetitive strain injuries. For example a dental hygenist always holds her tools in the same way as does a hairdresser so this can cause a build up of tension and strain. Similarly, many people have lower back strain from carrying small children, heavy shopping and bending down and lifting heavy items. If not treated this can cause more problems and affect movement and mobility.

A sports massage is good for anyone, not just serious athletes, as it helps reduce muscle strain and tension, aids recovery from heavy training sessions and helps the body reach its full potential.

Sarah has been a member of Spartan Athletic Club and the Jersey Triathlon Club for many years and regularly competes for both. This helps her understand how the body works and how the sporting mind works when dealing with clients and their problems.

For more information about Remedial & Sports Massage follow this link: Sports/ Remedial massage

Sarah is with us every day and can be contacted on 07797783104.

Treatment Fees
30 minute session - £35
45 minute session - £40
60 minute session - £45

Discount is given given for block bookings and gift vouchers are also available

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