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Ski Season- Exercises.

Thursday 22 November 2018
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Advice from the British Chiropractic Association – Beware of Day Three!

Despite common assumptions that a ski injury is most likely to occur on the first day Matthew Bennett, BCA Chiropractor and the first to work with the British Alpine Ski team, comments: "After three days of skiing using unaccustomed muscles, skiers become confident but are physically tired, and their capability isn't necessarily matched to their confidence".

Pre-Ski fitness tips: 

Don't just sit there - Exercising through squats, sit ups and cycling is also good to tease the right muscles.

Here is the link to our Exercise Leaflet:   ski_exercise_leaflet_2015.pdf

The time to leave Jersey for colder climes will soon be on us so please get started early so that you can get the most out of your time away and avoid injury. For a pre-season Chiropractic check-up and for any training or health advice please do call Charles Robottom and Cardin Pasturel at the Orchard Chiropractic Centre or email us at enquiries@orchard.co.je


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