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Sarcopaenia: age related muscle wasting

04 April 18

Sacropaenia is age related muscle loss. It can lead to functional impairment, physical disability and death. In our youth we only require about 30% of our muscle mass to perform activities of daily living. From the third decade of life a loss of 3kg of muscle mass per decade is normal. Once muscle mass is reduced to about 50% activities of daily living become noticeably more difficult. New research on 168 men suggests that the muscle atrophy is due to a 30-60% decrease in the number of nerves controlling the legs by the age 75. Muscle loss is slowed by: insulin sensitivity, resistance training and activation of the mTor pathway.

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Food for thought: is eating too much protein putting your health at risk?

08 December 17

The low fat, high carb and protein diet has been debunked, so now we see the void being filled by the low carb high protein diets. Whilst these diets seem to be successful in achieving weight loss, such diets have significant drawbacks that can be just as damaging as excessive carbs. Contrary to popular belief, consuming excessive protein is not without consequences.

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The Importance of Breathing

31 October 17

You can survive for 3 weeks without food, 3 days without water, but only about 3 minutes without breathing. The order of importance is clear, yet when it comes to looking after our health most people look to diet first then water intake and probably don’t even consider breathing. Controlled breathing is not only an effective way of de-stressing your mind and body, but can also help to lower blood pressure, strengthen your back, improve posture and increase fitness.

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