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Does long term low level exposure to chlorine carry a health risk?

31 July 17

Further to the recently announced prospect of US chlorinated chicken being sold in the UK, experts say that chlorinated chicken does not pose a risk to human health. However, basic understanding of chemistry and physiology suggests that long term ingestion of chlorine is likely to be detrimental to thyroid function.

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Proven Benefits of Green Tea

28 June 17

Here at the Orchard Chiropractic Centre, Jersey, we are always looking to bring new ideas and information to our patients in order to help them lead healthier productive lives. This month we have focused on the health benefits of green tea.

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What sunscreen should I use?

01 May 17

As chiropractors, at the Orchard Chiropractic Centre, Jersey we come into contact with hundreds of people every month and are in a unique position to look closely at areas of patients skin that they cannot see. States of Jersey Health Department statistics for 2014 showed that 88 people in Jersey (population about 100,000) were treated for melanoma compared to 55 per 100,000 in New Zealand. Clearly, these statistics are very troubling as melanoma is a very serious and current disease in Jersey. Statistics from the US show that between 1973 and 2013 incidents of cutaneous malignant melanoma increased by 81% and continue to increase at a rate of 3% per year .

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