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Obesity: A cause or symptom of Type 2 Diabetes?

30 April 19

It is widely accepted and repeated in the literature that obesity is a cause of diabetes. This is repeated in advice for overweight individuals which centres around losing weight through calorie control in order to stave off diabetes. However, this paradigm ignores important physiological processes for maintaining blood sugar homeostasis and the multiple roles that insulin plays in metabolism.

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e-cigarettes: are they safe?

31 January 19

Most would agree that anything that helps smokers to quit is a good thing. E.cigarettes do not produce tar or carbon monoxide and certainly contain fewer carcinogenic chemicals than regular cigarettes and are therefore probably less harmful than regular cigarettes. But, are they safe? A lack of long term studies and results of new research suggests that e.cigarettes should be viewed with caution.

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A Clinical Case Study: A 57 year old male with sudden onset unexplained bilateral upper and lower limb weakness

02 November 18

Mr B, a 57 year old male, non smoker for 11 years, with no health issues apart from high blood pressure presented with a 7 week history of sudden onset bilateral weakness of the arms and shoulders. Mode of onset was attributed to lifting a heavy box at work: the next day he was unable to lift his arms and for the following 6 days he was unable to lift a fork to his mouth. He denied cervical, shoulder, arm or thoracic pain. Gradually he regained some strength but was unable to abduct his arms above 45°. A week or so later he felt severe tightening of the calf muscles bilaterally, followed by bilateral thigh weakness when walking, especially when walking up stairs. When he presented to me, he claimed that walking 100 meters was difficult and that he needed to rest his legs. He denied any sensory changes.

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